Latte Arts @ Love to Go

20 Jun

Happy New Year

To all my lovely friends and customers,

Thanks everyone of you for loving our Signature Fruity Yogurt Italian Soda so much!
We expanded our selection on more special drinks include Fresh Fruity Tea, Soda Shakes, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, and so on starting 2012 and people really love our products which I am so happy about that too.

We used LAMILL coffee beans on all of our coffee drinks, which makes our coffee for an awesome taste.
I keep learning how to create Latte Art by shaking my milk in my espresso, but I was unsuccessful.
So I tried something different from the professional coffee shop, I drew on my Latte…haha ^.^

I really hope you could support our business by stopping by to try our Latte, and all other drinks for we are just a small family business  and really need you to be part of it.

Hope to see you soon!

Love to Go


Love Pot

5 Feb

Wanna give your love ones something special and unique?

Love to Go has prepared something awesome for you already, the person who get this gift would filled with joy and excitement when they receive our Love Pot on their special day^.^

$20.00/pot with 6 flowers
$28.00/pot with 9 flowers
$35.00/pot with 12 flowers

Please email: or
call (626)264-8195 to place your order 2 days in advanced.

Thank you!

Sweet Moments

4 Feb

Love to Go’s creation
Waffza – a combination of the concept of waffle and pizza, topped with fresh and delicious ingredients of the Chef’s picks.

$4.75 per slice

FREE Wi-Fi with purchase.

open daily from 4pm-1am

****Remember to try out our Yogurt Italian Soda with mixed fruit or Italian Soda Float!!****