About Us

Love to Go is a place full of sweetness located in the San Gabriel Mission
Old Town Historical District.

Sundi Sunarjo, who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena in 2005 finally opened her sweet shop in the city of San Gabriel, California in April 2010.
Many people asked her why she name her place Love to Go. She explains: “everything made  in her store is ‘LOVE’ because they are made by Love. And when people get those ‘LOVE’ out of her shop, the “LOVE” will “Go” to another destination.
That’s the meaning of “Love to Go”!!

By turning her interests and hobbies into a career require a lot of efforts, time, money and a lot more.
Her passion towards food have shown on her works.  She created the sweet treat called ‘Waffza – it is a totally new concept.
Waffle coated with Belgium Chocolate topped like pizza with different sweet ingredients and serve cold.
And that became her signature pastry at her shop and is very popular which everyone enjoys especially pair with Vanilla ice-cream.

Sundi came to the United States from Macau for almost 12 years and found out that many people like to eat waffles at breakfast.
They also like to eat pizzas. She think people who like waffles and pizzas because they could choose different toppings. At first, she made her waffza on a whole waffle and topped with ice-cream, whipped cream, strawberries and bananas only.

After awhile, she realized most of the people could not finish the whole waffza by themselves.
Then she wonders how she could alternate her creation with more varieties. At last, she came up with the idea of separating the whole waffle into smaller size (quarter size of the original) and decorate them slice by slice…Waffza was created ^.^

She opens 7 days a week –
Monday to Thursday 12:00pm – 11:00pm
Friday to Saturday 12:00pm – 12:00am
Sunday 3:00pm – 11:00pm

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